Reliv Delight® Milk Substitute


Reliv Delight, a whey-based milk substitute and nutritional supplement, provides the benefits of milk — plus additional nutrients — in a delicious low-fat formula. It supplies your body with a good source of protein and an essential nutritional balance of vitamins and minerals. And at only 90 calories per serving it is also a great way to help maintain a healthy weight. Mix Reliv Delight with water and use it as an alternative to milk — while cooking, in milkshakes, with cereal or simply as a refreshing, creamy beverage. Every container includes 28 delicious servings. At home or on the go, Reliv Delight is a healthy choice for adults and kids alike.








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Reliv Delight® Milk Substitute


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Calcium… …it supports the formation and repair of bones and teeth, and the functioning of the muscles, heart and nervous system.
Vitamin D… helps the body absorb calcium, boosts the immune system and provides additional health benefits.
Other essential vitamins and minerals… …it provides more of the recommended daily intake of several key nutrients than milk does
3 grams of protein per serving… …it helps increase muscle mass and function and promotes overall fitness.
Only 90 calories per serving… … it is a great way to help maintain a healthy weight.
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Reliv Delight® Nutritional Panel


Discover the unique blend of ingredients that makes Reliv Delight unlike any other nutritional supplement available today.


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